Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Reflective Learning and the BCI's CPD Programme

Donna Monkhouse, Your BCI Eye
The BCI’s CPD programme is based on Reflective Learning, which is considered to be best practice in Continuing Education. 

But what exactly do we mean by Reflective Learning? Most CPD programmes are based on points that are accumulated through attendance at specified events.  However, at the BCI we recognised that this approach cannot and does not work for a global organisation with membership in over 100 countries.  More importantly, we believe that the practice of Reflective Learning is the only way to ensure that CPD adds real, measurable value in terms of professional development.

Reflective Learning describes the process of learning from start to finish, including a period of reflection where the learner is required to recapitulate or ‘reflect’ on their learning experience and record in writing what they have learned, including how they will apply this new knowledge within their current role and beyond. 

Having a CPD programme that is based on hours spent in reflective learning provides a much more flexible platform for learning opportunities.  Reflective learning can include a wide range of learning activities from reading a published report or article in Continuity, to attending a workshop to researching a paper for publication.  The sky is the limit as long as you reflect! 

By focussing of what you have learned rather than simply ticking a box for attendance, you will be better able to plan any future professional development.  It also helps you to recognise the value of any learning undertaken and enables better assimilation of new-found knowledge.  

Although, on ‘first reflection’ Reflective Learning within CPD may seem like a time consuming and unfamiliar method, once started it is a quick process that adds significant value to your learning and helps to provide an indispensable record going forward.

CPD Instructional Webinar

Why not take a look at the BCI's  CPD Instructional Webinar and find out more about the CPD programme the BCI has to offer business continuity professionals.   Please note that the BCI’s CPD Programme is a Membership benefit available to Statutory members , so if you are not yet a member of the BCI, why not consider joining us and benefit from a wide range of other value add benefits. 

If you still have some questions about the CPD Programme or BCI Membership or would like to register for the programme, contact our Membership Manager, Helen Simm Helen.simm@thebci.org

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