Friday, 24 August 2012

BCI Gifted Grades and Awards

Steve Mellish FBCI
The BCI has two main ways in which we can recognise those individuals and organisations that go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Institute’s Gifted Grades programme was introduced in 2009 to recognise individuals who have contributed significantly to the development of the Institute and/or the BCM industry.  Any BCI member is invited to nominate another member, or non-member, who has truly added to the growth of the discipline or the BCI.  
Four categories are available within Gifted Grades: Honorary Fellowships; Honorary Memberships; Achievement Awards and Merit Awards – further details on nomination criteria can be found here

Recent recipients of Honorary Fellowships include:  
Jim Burtles; Angela Robinson; Chris Green; and Iain Taylor. Honorary Membership has gone to Mike Osborne; Ashley Moore; and Cheyene Haase.  In 2011 Lesley Grimes MBCI received a BCI Achievement Award which acknowledged the dedication she has shown to the BCI as Lead Examiner. 

We are not looking for individuals who simply carry out their job well – that should be taken as read for the Institute’s professional practitioners.  We are looking for champions, role models and heroes so we can say a personal “thank you”.

For the less shy and retiring amongst you, who don’t wish to rely on being nominated for a Gifted Grade, you are invited to proudly apply for a BCI Global Award.  Although some regional awards are already well established, this is only the second year we have run the Global Awards and we are looking forward to building on the success of last year.  To the four categories of BCM Manager; BCM Consultant; BCM Public Sector Manager;  and Most Effective Recovery, which were launched last year we have added 3 new categories: BCM Newcomer; BCM Team and, by public vote, Industry Personality of the Year.

By submitting an entry this is a perfect opportunity to shout your achievements from the rooftops. Let your company, your colleagues, your competitors and your customers know that you are good at what you do and that BCM is a growing, vibrant industry.

Entries close on 21st September.

Full details can be found here

Good luck!

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