Monday, 24 September 2012

BCM World Conference and Exhibition - just another event?


Donna Monkhouse, Your BC Eye
In a previous blog, Deborah Higgins MBCI put the business case for attending the BCM World Conference and Exhibition from the perspective of a business continuity practitioner.  She certainly sold it to me, and delivered some powerful arguments that left no doubt in my mind that this is the one BC practitioners simply cannot afford to miss.  If you can attend just one event per year, then this has to be it!
The BCM World Conference and Exhibition is of course not the only BCM event in the calendar, in fact there are a whole host of BCM or related conferences taking place every year all around the globe.  So what makes this Conference stand out from the rest or is the BCM World Conference and Exhibition just another event?
The BCM World Conference has earned the reputation of reaching the parts other conferences cannot reach.  It offers BC practitioners a chance to be reunited with their allies and provides temporary release from the infamous ivory towers that Deborah describes, allowing attendees to dip into the cool pool of BCM and immerse themselves in a world where they feel safe and understood.  The Conference is the place where practitioners or indeed newcomers to the discipline can find out what’s new on the BCM horizon; meet with other practitioners from a wide range of organisations from across the globe; share, exchange and learn from their peers; and develop new-found knowledge and practical insights that you be applied to their own organisation as well as some great networking contacts. 
This year, Richard Reed, Vice President for Preparedness and Resilience Strategy at the American Red Cross will be delivering the Conference keynote, which promises to shed some interesting insights into the US approach to preparedness and societal resilience.   Reed, who was the former Special Assistant to President Obama and Senior Director for Resilience at The White House, will be looking at how major events including terrorism, health emergencies, major accidents and catastrophic natural disasters have shaped and modified the approach of successive administrations. 

The Conference is supported by a FREE to attend exhibition that showcases the latest BCM products and services from leading suppliers around the globe and exposes you to the latest BCM tools that will make your job and your life a lot easier.  See, compare and experience first-hand the latest trends and developments in BCM products and services and be among some of the first to witness some exciting launches.   With around 50 exhibitors under one roof, the Exhibition provides the perfect platform for some targeted investigation and market research and ample opportunity to talk directly to the vendors and ask the questions that are really important to you and your business.

The Exhibition also plays host to a FREE Seminar Programme that runs throughout the two day exhibition.   Benefit from some insightful vendor showcasing seminars on BCM products and services as well as some thought-provoking BCM case studies delivered by an interesting line-up of international experts and established BCM practitioners.  So if you don’t have the budget to attend the Conference, at least make a point of attending the Exhibition!  

Is BCM World Conference and Exhibition just another event?  I will leave you to decide.  I don't think it is.

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