Monday, 4 November 2013

How can we evaluate business continuity risks in the supply chain?

James Stevenson
Rolls-Royce plc

The experts keep telling us that supply chain risks are important and it is old news that:

  • An interruption could damage the business
  • Customers should work with their suppliers to reduce the risk of interruption
  • Sometimes the problem is with supplier’s supplier, or their suppliers
  • Unfortunately, supply chain risks seem to be increasing in scale and complexity

Occasionally, this kind of alarm call reaches the Board or Executive Management responsible for understanding the significant risks facing their business. They realise that the threat is real and ask around to see who is managing this area of risk.

In my view, BC Managers are well placed to do this and with some minor adjustments to the BCM programme we can help the business to understand and manage supply chain business continuity risks.

At the BCM Global Conference, I will introduce the work underway at Rolls-Royce plc that is helping us to:

  • Assess the BCM process site by site
  • Evaluate the major SC risks at owned facilities
  • Evaluate the major SC risks presented by external suppliers

I hope that this will provide BC Managers with practical steps and simple suggestions to evaluate supply chain business continuity risks more effectively.

James will be discussing this and the issue of supply chain continuity within the 'BC in Action' stream at the BCM World Conference on Thursday 67h November, starting at 10:35.

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