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Could this be you? Enter your BCI Regional Award Today and become an international BC Star!

BC Consultant of the Year 2012
Filip de Wolf FBCI

The BCI has started its ‘award season’ with great élan and enthusiasm and has added to its growing repertoire of BCI Regional Awards taking the headcount to six this year. 

Australasia and Europe have now joined their Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and North American counterparts in the BCI Global Awards Programme, which puts the international spotlight on BC achievements and talented BC professionals around the world.

If you don’t have a Regional Award to enter, dishearten not, you are still eligible to enter the BCI Global Awards that will be taking place on 6th November 2013 as an integral part of BCM World Conference and Exhibition 2013 in London.  All winners of any Regional Award will automatically be entered into the BCI Global Awards, but there is nothing stopping you from entering both; nor are there any restrictions on the number of categories you can enter.
There are ten different award categories, including an Industry Personality of the Year Award, which is unique in that it is the only one that is decided by public vote as opposed to the other nine that are decided by the elected Judging Panel. The Judged Categories include:

·         Business Continuity Consultant of the Year

·         Business Continuity Manager of the Year

·         Public Sector Business Continuity Manager of the Year

·         Most Effective Recovery of the Year

·         BCM Newcomer of the Year

·         Business Continuity Team of the Year

·         Business Continuity Provider of the Year (BCM Service)

·         Business Continuity Provider of the Year (BCM Product)

·         Business Continuity Innovation of the Year (Product/Service)

Becoming a winner of a BCI Award is a great accolade and gives you international recognition for your hard-earned achievements in Business Continuity.  Being a BC Manager can often feel like being a very lone wolf in hostile territory and our Awards recognise the hard task you have in getting others to think like you and the challenges you face in embedding a successful BC culture into your or that of your client’s organization. 

The Awards are a perfect medium to demonstrate the value add good BC practice has had in organizations all around the world, no matter what industry or sector and they are a key tool to showcase the value-add professionals like you can make to the sustainability and resilience of the organizations you work in or for.  They also provide an excellent networking platform to bring together BC professionals from across regions and nations to share their experiences and to celebrate their victories together.

“Winning a BCI Award has the same gravitas and sense of being honoured at The Oscars, Winning an Olympic Gold or Lifting the World Cup.  It is humbling to be congratulated by friends and peers at the BCI.  It is a privilege to be singled out as "Best".  It is inspiring to be rewarded and is simply a great feeling to be recognised in a public vote.  It hasn't changed my life by making my jokes funnier but it has enhanced my life and of course, "Personality of the Year" has done my reputation the power of good."

Andy Tomkinson, MBCI and Director Adtapt Ltd
Winner of the BCI Global Awards Industry Personality of the Year 2012

“From a personal point of view, I consider these kinds of events to be a vital source in raising the profile of the business continuity profession and discipline in this region.
“I was thrilled to be shortlisted for the Business Continuity Manager of the Year Award category.  A dream came true when I saw my name besides the BCM heavyweights.   Being recognized for all the hard work in your career makes you feel that it was all worthwhile and leaves you feeling totally contented.”
Nisar Ahmed Khan MBCI, Kuwait International Bank
Winner of the BCI Middle East Awards Business Continuity Manager of the Year Award 2012

 “Associating with the BCI in any matter is always a privilege. It was a real honour to receive a BCI Merit (Global) Award 2012. For me personally, it meant a lot to have my work in the field recognised at global level. At the same time, I believe, it provides motivation to others to rise to the same levels. This achievement makes me recommit to the purpose of BCI i.e. promoting the art and science of Business Continuity.”

Daman Dev Sood, MBCI, CIO & Head - Sustainability Practice, Continuity and Resilience
Winner of a BCI Merit Award at the BCI Global Awards 2012

“Honor and recognition have been the top two outcomes for me since winning the Business Continuity Manager of the Year in 2012. Winning this Award has been a real game changer when it comes to my professional standing both within my region as well as overseas.  Receiving this Award at the same time as Greece was going through really tough times was even more meaningful. 
“Recognising excellence in the BC profession, the BCI Awards play an important role in encouraging more people to take their role in business continuity seriously, which in turn, can only benefit this great industry.  Winning the Award attracted a lot of media interest, which has not only helped me personally, but has helped raised the profile of the discipline in my region and will undoubtedly serve to attract newcomers into the BC industry.  All BCI Award Winners are in effect ambassadors for both the business continuity industry and the BCI – a role we should all be proud of.”
John Zeppos, MBCI and OTE Group BCM Deputy Director
Winner of the BCI Global Awards Business Continuity Manager of the Year 2012
By putting the spotlight on some of the best BC professionals in the world, we are showcasing this great industry and sowing the seeds for BC growth in future workforce generations, which is crucial to the sustainability of our industry and a great way to attract new blood. 
The BCI Awards are your platform to show the world what BC is all about; it’s your vehicle to BC fame and it is our urgent request that you make these awards the success they need and deserve to be by entering.
Now if you need no more convincing that you need to be part of this great initiative, then all that remains is for you to enter.  Click on the relevant logo to be taken directly to the right page for your Award.   
The lines for the BCI Asia Awards open on 1st May 2013 and the lines for the BCI Global Awards will open in June.  However, you can still take a look at the categories and browse our Winners Gallery to get a flavour for this prestigious celebration of BC talent and achievements. The lines for the BCI North America Awards have already closed.  All other lines are open for applications now.

So, could this be you? Could you be a BCI Award Winner?  Enter now and find out!

Enter the BCI Middle East Awards 2013 >>
Deadline for entries 28th March 2013
Enter the Inaugural BCI Australasian Awards >>
Deadline for entries 4th April 2013

Enter the Inaugural BCI European Awards >>
Deadline for entries 12th April 2013

Enter the BCI India Awards 2013 >>
Deadline for entries 26th April 2013


Enter the BCI Asia Awards 2013 >>
Deadline for entries 30th June 2013

Donna Monkhouse
Your BC Eye

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