Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Help us to make # BusinessContinuity a global trend this #BCAW2013

Donna Monkhouse, Your BC Eye
One of the goals we have set for this year's BCAW is to make Business Continuity a global trending topic through the initiation of a tweet-a-thon.  ‘Tweet-off’ will be at 10:30 GMT on Monday, 18th March 2013, marking the beginning of Business Continuity Awareness Week 2013 (BCAW) and will run throughout the whole week, and beyond. 
What is a trending topic?
Essentially, a trending topic is a word, phrase or topic that is tagged at a greater rate than other tags. To make it into a trending topic, it requires a concerted effort by fans or followers (that’s you) or it needs to be an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic (that is BCAW and Business Continuity). 
Why is it important to make BC a trending topic?
For us, this is not just about trending (although, it would be an fantastic achievement to make BC a global trend and to get everyone talking about what we all know to be a fascinating and equally important discipline); more significantly, this is about really raising global awareness around Business Continuity; it's about showcasing its value-add and the role it plays in achieving organizational resilience; it's about putting BC into people's minds and sowing the seeds for future BC growth as an industry, as a discipline and as a career choice; it’s about getting it into the Boardroom and ensuring it features on business agendas all around the world.
'Tweet Off' is at 10:30 GMT on 18th March.
If we are to make this a global trend, it’s all in the timing.  The closer we can get the wider BC community to tweet at the official ‘tweet off’ time of 10:30 GMT, the more chance we stand of making Business Continuity a global trend and the more trendy we will make our chosen hash tags of #Business Continuity and #BCAW2013.  We may just even manage to knock Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga out of the running if we all join forces!!!

So how do we go about making Business Continuity a trending topic?
What we need you to do is:
  • Follow us @TheBCEye and retweet as many #BCAW2013 and #BusinessContinuity tweets as possible - we will be adding tweets throughout the week (up to and beyond) so make sure you stay on the page with us and don’t miss an opportunity to play your part in making BC and BCAW global trends.
  • Include #BCAW2013 and/or #BusinessContinuity in all your tweets up to and during BCAW 2013 and keep using #BusinessContinuity in all your future BC tweets
  • Tweet or Retweet at 10:30 GMT or as close to this as you can get – best thing is to set a reminder in your Outlook Calendar to jolt your memory to start tweeting.
We hope that this tweet-a-thon marks just the beginning of what will continue to be a trendy topic around the globe for a very long time and so we would like to urge you to continue to include #BusinessContinuity in all your future tweets and help Business Continuity to take centre stage.

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