Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cyber threat opportunity

Ken Simpson
The VR Group

Only a week to go until the BCM World Conference!

What if we took a different approach to our reflective learning this time?

Instead of waiting until after the conference to reflect and integrate what we have learned, what if we took a proactive approach and spent some time ahead of the conference reflecting on what aspects of our current practice we need to change.

What if that reflection also included reframing the problem – not just how can I fine tune my practices within current frameworks and constraints, but how would I want to transform my practice going forward and remove some of those constraints.

To achieve that outcome perhaps we may take a different mindset into the conference.
If we can try that exercise in critical reflection and recalibrate our mindsets, then perhaps new, or at least different, learning could emerge from the way we interact with the ideas presented and with other conference delegates.

That is the core of what my session at the conference is about, thinking differently about a problem and the way we practice our craft. I hope to encourage discussion around emerging threats and how we might use these to improve our engagement with Executives and the wider organization.

Specifically the session will present my experiences of using cyber-attacks as the focus for Executive exercises and engagement. Cyber is used as an example, and as a metaphor for emerging threats/risks, not as a vehicle to talk about a lot of IT technical stuff. Come and hear how (and why) Executives are more engaged when we use confidentiality and integrity as the disruption risk - rather than the more common approach of using availability.

As befits a 'holistic management discipline' the discussions will most likely touch on a number of issues also discussed in other sessions including:

  • the critical nature of cross discipline engagement,
  • thinking more like management,
  • taking  a strategic rather than compliance approach, and
  • the concept of resilience
Some pre-reading on Mindset:
Ken will be discussing this and the issue of influencing key decision makers within the 'Thought Leadership' stream at the BCM World Conference on Thursday 7th November, starting at 14:50.

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