Thursday, 17 October 2013

Walk a mile in their shoes

David Tickner
Computrix Services

Whether a consultant or an internal business continuity planner, it’s never easy to get management to commit to a continuity program. Perhaps it’s the approach you take or that you find management a bit too bottom line focussed.

Where is the key to gaining corporate commitment for BC programs - the CEO’s office, the CFO or the Risk Manager? Perhaps it’s not even inside your organisation, there could be other options.

The most common fault in gaining corporate commitment for BC programs is to present the approach to management, rather than understanding that they have all business programs to consider, not just yours. Perhaps we all need to think more like management and not just as a BC consultant or planner.

'Walk a mile in their shoes' is the lead off session for the BCM lifecycle programme. It will inform and challenge you to think a little more laterally about gaining more effective corporate commitment to BC planning.

David will be discussing this and the issue of policy and programme management within the 'BCM Lifecycle' stream at the BCM World Conference on Wednesday 6th November, starting at 11:15.

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